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Posted by: Cameron Sweeney | Date: Thursday, 19th November, 2009 | Filed under: Blog

Shout out!

Since the launch of our site in May 2009, we have received awesome feedback regarding our fonts and the site itself has been featured at many leading design sites. We really want to thank you for all your support!

More than a FREE fonts site.

RipeType is a site that has been created out of a passion for the world of Typography. The initial plan was to release a range of high quality AND cost-effective typefaces for like-minded creatives. This plan hasn’t changed, but we are expanding the site into additional areas and hopefully over time, our new Blog will help to clear things up.

The Blog

Even though our entire site is built using Wordpress, we have never really thought of it as a Blog. Now we can! We have added a set of categories for our articles, created a heap of new templates and made some other major changes to our site to ensure that it remains as easy to use as ever.

Watch this space for typography related news and subscribe to our mailing list, grab the RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, or join the Facebook group to get the latest.

Why Wordpress?

We chose to use Wordpress because of our familiarity with the system. We also knew that Wordpress can be very flexible thanks to the support of its great open source community. The hardest thing that we have found with Wordpress is to make sure that we don’t install every great plugin that is released!

Why does RipeType look different?

With the new features that we have planned out, we thought it would be a good time to sweep through the interface and improve areas that were not up to scratch.

The first 6 months…

RipeType was built to be flexible, so after the initial launch, we wanted to identify what our visitors wanted. Well, how 6 months has flown past! We have had such a positive response and we understand the market much better. We are still all about creating contemporary and stylish fonts – that contain larger character sets for different mediums and projects.

The future

FREE Font sites have their ups and downs. What is better than a FREE font? Let me tell you now… Affordable, high quality typefaces! We have always thought that there has been a gap between the “gazzillion FREE FONTS” and higher quality foundry sites. We pride ourselves in creating quality over quantity. Obviously this approach is a more consuming process. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing some new typefaces that we have been working on. Plus some great new features that will improve your experience with RipeTpe.

About the Author

Cameron Sweeney is a freelance type, web and graphic designer from Hobart, Australia.


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